Afghans reject ’39’ on number plates that ‘pimp their ride’

Vice President Amrullah Saleh stated a decree to that impact can be launched this week, eliminating what had change into a tempting supply of bribery by visitors officers.

“The number [39] will be removed from the traffic system. It is said that people pay $300 [R4,563] bribes to avoid the number,” he stated in a Facebook submit.

Origin of 39’s avenue that means

The origin of 39’s avenue that means is lost in time, however stated to be linked to a infamous pimp within the western metropolis of Herat, whose automobile registration plate contained the number.

Now, anybody driving a automobile sporting the determine dangers being linked to an underground intercourse business that is taboo within the devoutly Muslim nation.

In this image taken on 20 June 2011, an Afghan man stands subsequent to a automobile with the number ’39’ on its licence plate in Kabul. Picking up mud in a automobile lot on the outskirts of Kabul – three saloon vehicles, a crane and a dump truck sit deserted to a wierd Afghan numerical curse that has swept the nation. Image: AFP/ Shah Marai

Resorting to bribes

New automobile homeowners have resorted to paying bribes to keep away from being issued licence plates with the digits.

“At the traffic department they ask you if you want number 39 or not,” stated Hakim, a automobile vendor within the capital.

“If you don’t, then they ask for a bribe.” 

He stated no one would purchase a second-hand automobile with the digits as a result of they contemplate it “shameful”.

“Last year, I had to sell two cars at almost half the price because they had 39 in their number plates,” Hakim stated. 

The affiliation has even unfold past autos, and Afghans might be teased or shunned for having phone numbers or addresses that includes the digits. 

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