Cape Town’s number plate problem is growing – and it’s leading to more fines

The City of Cape Town Traffic Service is encouraging unregistered number plate producers to register their companies and adjust to legislated requirements following a rise within the number of illegal number plates on town’s roads.

This in flip has elevated the number of fines issued for displaying incorrect number plates, it stated.

The visitors service stated it makes use of the technologically superior Automated Number Plate Recognition System (ANPR) to implement the related laws, and guarantee number plate compliance.

The expertise is used at roadblocks the place an ANPR digital camera is mounted on a tripod. In addition to ANPR, the Traffic Service additionally carried out the Average Speed Over Distance (ASOD) digital camera methods on Nelson Mandela Boulevard and the M5.

The cameras have been used as a part of Operation Reclaim and are programmed to determine the next:

  • Outstanding warrants of arrest on a selected number plate
  • Whether a motorcar has been suspended
  • Mismatched number plates (plates that don’t belong to that exact automobile)
  • Unlicensed autos
  • Stolen autos

“We would like to encourage number plate manufacturers to ensure compliance and have the necessary documentation at hand when visited by traffic officers. Equally important is that motorists should ensure that they purchase plates at registered businesses and display standardised plates on their vehicle.”

“Motorists should not forget that ignorance will not hold as an excuse when fined or appearing in court. We all have a role to play in ensuring that our vehicles display number plates that are legal and compliant,” stated town’s mayoral committee member for security and safety JP Smith.

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