Honda is expecting to go 100 percent electric by 2040

By Reuters 24 m

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Tokyo – Honda is aiming to increase the proportion of all sales of electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles to 100% by 2040, Chief Executive Officer Toshihiro Mibe said on Friday.

Speaking at his first news conference since taking charge of Japan’s second-largest car company in early April, Mibe said the company supported the government’s green goals.

“I believe it is the responsibility of an automaker to achieve our carbon-free target on a ‘tank-to-wheel’ basis,” Mibe said.

The company expects EVS and FCV sales to be 40% by 2030 and 80% by 2035 in all major markets, including North America and China.

Honda has announced its electrification strategy, which is almost double its previous target, after Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s target of a 46% reduction in emissions to Japan by 2030 and looking for ways to go even further.

The target set by the government is “feasible”, Mibe said.

“While the government’s goal is extremely difficult, I believe it is a possible goal from Japan’s point of view of being carbon neutral in 2050,” he said.

“For Honda, we are in full support of this goal – 46% – and we want to put all our efforts towards achieving that goal,” he said.

Mibe began his leadership in automobile technology amid the growing shift of electric vehicles and autonomous driving. Traditionally known for its fuel-efficient internal-combustion engine, Honda launched its first mass-produced all-battery vehicle last August.

Mibe said that Honda would invest a total of 5 trillion yen, including electrification, over the next six years, regardless of fluctuations in sales revenue.

In North America, Honda and GM will introduce two jointly developed large-size EV models using GM’s Ultimate Battery in 2024, and will launch a series of new EV models that include a new EV platform dubbed E: Architecture is.

In Japan, Mibe stated that it was aiming to sell EVs and FCVs by 2030 for 2030 and 80% of sales. Meanwhile, he said that Honda would aim to include hybrid vehicles in the 2040 target, stating that conventional cars are to be converted into hybrids. “Realistic solutions” for the domestic market.

Mibe said the company aimed to include advanced driver-assistance systems in all its models by 2030 in key markets.


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