Some vertical, some horizontal: BMW’s big grilles are here to stay

Munich – When it comes to automotive design, few matters are as broadly debated as BMW’s trendy styling language, and extra significantly, the massive grilles that we’ve seen on some of its newest merchandise, such because the BMW 4 Series and the iX electrical crossover.

But will the controversy trigger BMW to tone issues down a bit with its future fashions? That definitely doesn’t seem to be the case, in accordance to current statements made by BMW’s design boss. In an interview with BMW Blog, Adrian van Hooydonk hinted that the outsized kidney grilles would solely turn out to be extra prolific in future.

“We want to spread it out a little bit more: vertical kidneys on some cars, horizontal on others,” Van Hooydonk instructed the publication. “We want our customers to be able to recognize the BMW in the rearview mirror, not just as a BMW but also, after a while they know what BMW that is.”

Some BMW merchandise will get horizontal grilles just like the one we see on the most recent 2 Series.

This in fact signifies that BMW may even be trying to differentiate its numerous fashions to a better diploma, within the course of avoiding the “one sausage, different lengths” philosophy that its rival from Stuttgart has usually been accused of.

“We want each of our products to have a stronger character of its own because each of our products has different competitors,” the design boss mentioned.

But what else can we anticipate from BMW’s future designs?

In the aforementioned BMW Blog interview, Van Hooydonk mentioned that we will anticipate simplified shapes with “fewer and reduced” traces, whereas the traces that had been used can be sharper and extra significant.

Smoother shapes, like we see on the BMW iX, will turn out to be extra commonplace.

“We are now working on cars for 2025 and beyond. And [the design] will continue to evolve. We want to keep these strong characters. And, yeah, the brands I think will develop faster now. With BMW i, we started a cleaner form language for the electric cars and now that electric is going to be part of the core of the brand, of course, you’ll see that the design of the i products will begin to influence the core of the brand so it’s going to be a cleaner look,” Van Hooydonk instructed BMW Blog.

But not everybody within the trade agrees with BMW’s method. Last year Jaguar’s design head Julian Thomson hinted that BMW had gone too far with its daring frontal designs. “I feel some of our competitors have gone really overboard in trying to overemphasise the brand, the face of the car, and in a fairly crude manner in a lot of cases,” Thomson instructed Car Throttle. He additionally reiterated that Jaguar would by no means “torture metal” in with faces that “only a mother could love”.

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