President Xi Jinping calls for global co-operation against Covid-19

By Staff Reporter 14m in the past

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INTERNATIONAL – Chinese President Xi Jinping has referred to as for better global efforts within the battle against an unprecedented public well being disaster and renewed dedication to multilateral co-operation.

He was talking yesterday to business, authorities and civil society leaders taking part within the World Economic Forum’s digital occasion, The Davos Agenda.

“The pandemic is far from over and the recent resurgence in Covid cases reminds us that we must carry on the fight. There is no doubt that humanity will prevail over the virus and emerge even stronger from this disaster,” Xi stated.

“We should stay committed to keeping up with the times instead of rejecting change. Now is the time for major development and major transformation.”

Xi additionally outlined a number of aims required for a greater future, together with strengthening global co-operation in addressing the massive frequent challenges, particularly Covid-19 and local weather change.

On co-operation, Xi stated: “We hope these efforts will carry extra co-operation alternatives to different nations and provides additional impetus to global financial recovery and development.

“Let us all join hands and let multilateralism light our way toward a community with a shared future for mankind. We should stay committed to international law and international rules, instead of seeking one’s own supremacy.”

On the subject of climate change, he said: “We need to deliver on the Paris Agreement on climate change and promote green development. We need to give continued priority to development, implement the Sustainable Development Goals, and make sure that all countries, especially developing ones, share in the fruits of global development.”

He reiterated China’s commitment to implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and promoting a green, low-carbon way of life and production, and achieving carbon neutrality before 2060.

Xi said: “The Earth is our one and solely dwelling. To scale up efforts to deal with local weather change and promote sustainable growth bears on the way forward for humanity.”

Turning his attention to the world economy, he said: “Despite the trillions of dollars in relief packages worldwide, global recovery is rather shaky and the outlook remains uncertain. We need to focus on current priorities, and balance Covid response and economic development.

“Macro-economic policy support should be stepped up to bring the world economy out of the woods as early as possible.”

Xi said containing the coronavirus was another pressing task for the international community, stressing that closer solidarity and co-operation, more information sharing and a stronger response were needed to defeat Covid-19.

He said China was committed to sharing its experience with other countries and assisting those less prepared for the pandemic and to work for greater accessibility to Covid vaccines in developing countries.

He also said China would continue to promote economic globalisation and advance technology and innovation. “We are committed to following through on our policy of opening up and continuing to promote trade and investment liberalisation.”

Xi added: “Science, technology and innovation is a key engine for human progress… China will create an open, fair, equitable and non-discriminatory scientific environment that is beneficial to all.”

Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum’s founder and executive chairperson, thanked China for taking an active part in global efforts to combat Covid-19 and to implement the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

Schwab said: “2021 will be the critical year to re-establish trust in our ability to shape our common future in collective and constructive ways.

“We must win the fight against the virus, we must reinvigorate global economic growth and make it more robust, resilient, inclusive and sustainable, and at the same time we must accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.

“We must come together to ensure that we capture the moment and move into the age of collaboration to build a better world,” Schwab said.


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