Parents, be the change you want to see and vote for your SGB

School governing bodies (SGBs) are busy in elections. These elections are important but I have seen that few parents take them seriously.

Ever since this process began, I have been thinking a lot about whether the provincial and national departments of basic education are doing enough to ensure that parents are aware of the integral role of the SGB in schools.

Is there enough awareness about the current elections?

I have seen on social media that the Department of Education is posting reminders to vote for Gautung parents, but I have not seen this done by other provincial departments.

I have not heard any radio or television advertisement encouraging parents to go out in their numbers to vote for candidates to serve in these bodies.

This is a missed opportunity.

I did a small survey recently Parents To know in my circles whether they know about elections and whether they have participated in them, either by making themselves candidates or by voting.

I received a mixture of responses.

Some were aware of the elections but forgot to vote, some were not interested and others also did not know that the SGB elections were being held because the schools did not send letters encouraging them to vote.

About not participating in the SGB election, either by voting for yourself as a candidate or for a candidate of your choice, is that you as a parent about the running of your child’s school Renounce your authority.

Granted, there is no guarantee that your favorite candidates will get enough votes, but it would be better if people are involved in the decision-making process about their child’s future, which you did not even participate in because you Not forgetting to vote or not interested in you.

I served in my son’s school as an SGB member for two years. Earlier I did not appreciate the role of the governing body in schools.

Public schools receive a lot of money from provincial departments of education and SGB members are the people who decide how this money is spent. These are the people who decide what should be the priority and what should be at the end of the list of priorities.

And school policies are decided by the SGB.

Many parents complain about certain rules in their children’s schools or how schools are run, but very few changes can occur if they do not participate in SGB elections.

And by failing to participate in this process, the parents allow the schools to maintain the status quo and allow the children to run the school.

In some cases the money is embezzled by rogue elements who – in most cases – collude with school principals. These people get re-elected and they keep going in their dirty ways because the other parents did not vote for them from the SGB.

A relative, who is a teacher in the Eastern Cape, told me how being the chairperson of the SGB has become such a demanding situation in the area where she teaches because people use it to enrich themselves. We do.

He said that becoming the chairperson of SGB has now become some kind of career and people also commit murder to get opportunities.

Some of these actions may prevent parents from becoming part of the SGB, but instead they should motivate a person they trust to bring positive changes to their children’s school, Instead of allowing the miscreants to serve the governing body for their own selfishness.

Parents are genuinely committed to using these elections as people of integrity, who are committed to the betterment of schools and the best interests of children to serve on these SGBs.

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