Lamiez Holworthy throws shade at Tshepi Vundla

By Jamal Grootboom 20m in the past

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Local DJ Lamiez Holworthy added some spice to the continuing backlash that influencer and content material creator Tshepi Vundla is dealing with.

Vundla joined the ladies of the “On The Table”, Tshepi Mabs, Noluthando Nkwali and DJ Black Velvet, within the season finale the place they revisited subjects from the earlier episodes to get perspective on them.

Two clips from the podcast went viral; in a single, the ladies focus on what ladies carry to the desk in heterosexual relationships – particularly about ladies on the Twitter timeline’s common use of sbwl (craving, wanting, craving or wanting).

In the opposite clip, the Ghost Lady asks if males must pay for a date when ladies put numerous effort into their look. Vundla responds, “Are you a prostitute?”

Following this, tweeps have been digging up outdated tweets to help their criticism of her statements within the podcast.

Holworthy added some gas to the flame with a now-deleted tweet wherein she mentioned: “Someday when I have time, I’ll tell you guys how two ’influencers’ asked the brand manager on my first big campaign who I was and went on to say y’all will book just anyone’.

“Years later, one is catching smoke for talking rubbish and the other? Still can’t pinpoint what they do.”

In a reply to the tweet she hints that she was speaking about Vundla.

Vundla has since deactivated her Twitter account and hasn’t addressed the backlash.

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