Netflix has dropped the trailer of hair raising ‘I’m All Girls’

By Alicia Birjalal 29 m

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Netflix on Friday dropped the trailer for the latest local production, “I’m All Girls”.

Directed by Donovan Marsh, the thriller is set against the dying days of apartheid and centers around an infamous human trafficking ring, which involves cracking down on sanctions, in exchange for oil, in addition to others, powerful politicians and Iranian sheikhs.

The spell-bound trailer depicts the chilling story as a special crime investigator duo Sneemann, played by Erica Wessels, and troubled cop, Ntombizonke played by Hlubi Mobiba.

As they race against the clock to ensure justice for the young girls who are sold and sold in an ugly ring of child trafficking.

The rounding out cast includes Mothusi Magano, Masasa Mbangani, Brandon Daniels and Donovan Lotz.

The trailer is roped in action, intrigue, thrills and drama and shakes the viewer to see the pain and suffering of these abducted girls.

The director, Donovan Marsh, says: “The film is a shocking, deeply atmospheric, thrilling mystery and intense character journey into one of the most horrific tragedies of modern times – child sexual trafficking.

“The single ray of light is the fledgling relationship between Jodi, an emotional, troubled and honest detective, and the damaged, but powerful Ntombi, who has overcome the odds of her abuse and is as stern and defiant as a changing butterfly.” Has emerged, “Marsh.

The trailer introduces viewers to its mystery, takes them along with the characters and lashes out with violence.

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