‘Gomora’s’ Connie Chiume at Siya Zubane’s memorial

Popular actress Connie Chiume – who performs the character of MamSonto in Gomora revealed that she nearly took her personal life 20 years in the past at Siyabonga Zubane’s memorial service on Thursday.  

Zubane’s memorial service was held at the Joburg Theatre on Thursday (12 May) afternoon.  

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Actress Connie Chiume –who performs MamSonto in Gomora shared at Siyabonga Zubane’s memorial that she tried to take her personal life years.  

23-year-old actor Siyabonga Zubane – who portrayed the function of Sdumo in Gomora apparently dedicated suicide final week.    

Chiume shared she tried to finish her life after her daughter died while she was feeding her.   

The veteran added that she had suicidal ideas that she by no means shared with anybody after her daughter’s passing.   

She additionally advised her co-stars at the memorial that there’s a demonic spirit that had taken over her physique and needed her to commit suicide- however she conquered the demonic ideas by praying  

“It’s so difficult to stand here and speak about young talent and young creative like Siya.”

“A child that we were still looking forward to seeing where he is going. We are hurt by his departure.”

“I understand what his parents are going through because I almost took my own life.”  

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She mentioned she usually works with younger expertise and watches them develop and Siya was considered one of them.   

She loves these youngsters as a result of they train her rather a lot as a result of she by no means went to highschool for performing.  

“I’m asking myself, who do we hand the baton over to when our kids are dying like this?”

“Let’s not pretend that things are fine, there is a problem within our youth, not only in the arts and creative sector but youth, in general, is affected.”  

“There is a demonic spirit going around targeting our youth.”  

Gomora’s producer Lulu Hela mentioned:

“To know Siyabonga was to love Siyabonga. It is strange to speak about him in the past tense.”

“I met him in 2019 while doing auditions for Gomora.” 

“Initially, the Sdumo role was written for three episodes but it was extended because of his energy.”

“It breaks our hearts that he is now gone. Siya was talented and loved acting whole-heartedly.” 

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