‘Underwhelming, repetitive topics & tears’: Tweeps on #TheRanakas

Viewers appear to like drama and the newest episode of The Ranakas on Thursday 13 January, seems to have fallen brief. 


Dineo Ranaka spoke about her journey of conventional therapeutic on the newest episode of The Ranakas. 

“Me being on this journey has heightened my sensitivity towards people’s wounds in that space,” stated Dineo on why she pries within the lives of the folks she cares about. 

Mpumi Ranaka had a dialog along with her daughter Thandokuhle about her late father. She defined that she was 19 years outdated when she fell pregnant with Thandokuhle. Take a glance…

“To raise a child does not mean you need to bring money on the table. Dude, there’s grass growing on the ground. There’s grass growing out of the ground and you could just sit there and teach her how the grass grows, you know? Have those moments with your daughter where you teach her how the sun goes, rises and sets. All of those lessons don’t need money,” stated Mpumi.

Manaka Ranaka opened up in regards to the stress and burden of being the eldest youngster. 

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Twitter customers thought this episode was lacking context and the episodes appeared hurried. Tweeps additionally thought it was an underwhelming episode and so “all over the place” that they didn’t know what was going on. 

“Why do I feel like there’s so much context missing and lingering in this season. Episodes also seem so hurried #TheRanakas,” wrote @monesaPula_.

“Eish but why did they do season five. This episode was underwhelming,” tweeted @KeneMcQueen.

“This season is all over the place. I’m not sure what’s up. #TheRanakas,” tweeted @BMKekana.

Another Tweep thought the household may convey numerous juicy content material to the present however they as an alternative repeat topics and cry.

“There’s some really juicy content #TheRanakas can share but they chose to bore with repetitive topics and tears,” tweeted @LeJoyL.

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