You can now list your home for commercial video shoots in SA

A brand new web-based platform referred to as Filmspace, is bringing “filmmakers and hosts together” by making location scouting straightforward.

For now, location scouting is open to Cape Town with Johannesburg and Durban coming quickly.

Connecting property house owners with filmmakers

“Booking a film-friendly location has never been easier. Seriously. Chat directly to property owners, negotiate a budget-friendly hourly rate and get those cameras rolling. Boom! You’re in show business!”

Yes on Filmspace, anybody can hire your home, completely distinctive automobile, bike, airplane, caravan, boat and even one-of-a-kind tricycle by the hour and “let your mobile Filmspace pay for itself”.

“Think of Filmspace as your trusty do-it-all pocket knife, always ready to impress friends and family with a hidden screwdriver or truly random toothpick,” writes Jamie Slabber. “Our desktop and mobile-friendly website lets you scout the smart way; browse film-friendly locations from anywhere in the world using tons of handy filters, including price and features. All listings are totally transparent and offer all the details you’d come to expect from a world-class marketplace platform.”

Here, filmmakers and those that listed their property can additionally chat to one another in addition to negotiate charges.

Blanche Franken on Filmspace

The brainchild of Filmspace, Blanche Franken advised BizCommunity that they needed to include either side of the viewers into the model; filmmakers and property house owners.

“While finding out movie, I noticed so many initiatives simply by no means go away the bottom. Production is pricey. I needed to create a platform that might not solely permit property house owners to make further money, however to additionally make the business extra accessible.

“From the idea being sparked in late 2018 to the platform launch in mid-2020, we spent endless hours developing our platform, researching best practice, getting input and buy-in from the film industry and conducting market research with property owners.”

He additionally stated that the movie business is home to extremely hard-working, solution-driven creatives who’re in a position to rapidly adapt to virtually any situation, be it the exponential shift to digital or crises just like the COVID-19 pandemic.

“That’s why we’ll also continue to see the rise of award-winning local productions. With Netflix and other streaming platforms heavily investing in series and films, the industry will only expand and thrive.”

Strengthening the movie business in South Africa

“At Filmspace it has always been our aim to become the foremost marketplace destination for the global entertainment industry’s location needs. We love Mzansi and our aim is to truly strengthen the film industry in South Africa, whether that be rolling out a wider range of products or expanding throughout South Africa. We listen to what our users need, and we build innovative solutions based on what we believe will make the greatest impact on the industry.”

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