‘African excellence was punished’ – Ramaphosa lashes out at travel bans

President Cyril Ramaphosa introduced the fireplace and brimstone to his speech in Senegal this week, when he slammed ‘developed nations’ for hoarding vaccines and punishing South African scientists for figuring out the Omicron variant.

Ramaphosa on travel bans

The 69-year-old laid into the Western world, after dozens of nations selected to isolate South Africa with travel bans. However, it was quickly found that Omicron had seeded itself in most of those nations beforehand.

SA scientists have been the primary to find the extremely mutated pressure, which threatens to behave as a roadblock on our means out of the wretched COVID-19 pandemic. He accused nations just like the US, UK, and Germany of valuing their lives above African ones, given the unequal share of jabs throughout the continent.

“Rich countries hoarded vaccines. They ordered more vaccines than their populations required. Vaccine apartheid we say must come to an end, because the health of people around the world is at stake. The lives of people in Africa are just as important as the lives in Europe, in North America, and all over the world.”

Cyril Ramaphosa

‘African excellence is being punished’

Ramaphosa’s key message, nevertheless, was directed in direction of the blanket travel bans imposed upon our Republic. He slammed the ‘apartheid-like’ method of the worldwide motion restrictions, calling for them to finish instantly:

“Another disappointment that had been thrown our way is that when South African scientists discovered the new variant Omicron, we immediately took on the responsibility of informing the world. However, what was the result?”

“The travel bans must come to an end. The devastating impact this travel ban will have is well-known. The UN Secretary-General has called it ‘travel apartheid’. The western countries imposed a ban – as it were to punish excellence coming from Africa, preventing our people from travelling”

Cyril Ramaphosa

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