‘Hats off’ to cops who fight the good fight despite rising Covid deaths among colleagues

By Se-Anne Rall 14m in the past

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POLICE administration have paid tribute to law enforcement officials who stay dedicated and devoted to frontline service despite having to bury colleagues nearly every day.

More than 300 law enforcement officials have succumbed to Covid-19, whereas many extra stay in hospital or in isolation.

According to National SAPS spokesperson, Brigadier Vish Naidoo, as of December 31, 2020, 340 law enforcement officials died of Covid and he stated the quantity is rising.

“We’ve had members that have lost their lives over these past three days including this morning as well but we haven’t got the full and final stats as yet. Of course, it does put a strain on the emotional state of our members because thus far we’ve had more than 21 000 members who were infected,” Naidoo stated.

He stated thankfully, over 19 000 of them have recovered, 340 nonetheless stay in hospital whereas 340 have misplaced their lives to the virus.

“Others are still recovering at home in self-isolation. But when it comes to policing, I think hats need to be taken off for our members who still remain committed and dedicated to the frontline service that is expected of them,” Naidoo stated.

SA has a cumulative whole of 1 100 748 Covid-19 instances recognized with 11 859 new instances since the final report, representing a 32% positivity rate.



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