Justice for Lufuno: Three students suspended

By Sihle Mamalbo 13 m

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Johannesburg – Three pupils who allegedly participated in the bullying and assault of Lufuno Mavungu have been suspended at Mbwili Secondary School.

15-year-old Lufuno, who died on Monday after suicide over prescription pills – the day of the incident – was captured on video when he was attacked by a fellow student.

A pupil, also 15, has been arrested and is facing assault charges.

Limpopo police have also opened an interrogation docket regarding Lumpuno’s death.

Limpopo Education spokesman Tiddy Chuin confirmed the three students, including the arrested student, were suspended and were expected to appear in a disciplinary tribunal on Thursday 22 April.

He said stakeholders from education, health and social development – including various MECs – had visited the Mavungu family and Mbivilvi Secondary School this week.

The stakeholders included a team of psychologists who were sent to school for sessions with affected pupils, and a psychiatric team was sent to assist the family.

Limpopo Education MEC Polly Boshielo told eNCA on Thursday that a debate had begun between students on social media before it landed on the brutal video, which has gone viral of Lufuno’s attack.

He said that prior to the attack, two teachers and the president of RCL (Council of Representatives for Learners) had spoken to the students to encourage them to bury Het.

“When he left school he felt everything was fine,” she said.

Boshello said the attack occurred outside the school and a security guard was called to intervene.

The MEC said that they were sending a strong message to the students that bullying would not be tolerated and added that three other students were arrested for similar incidents.

He also said that the problem of bullying and beatings has started at home, where the students have seen their parents physically fighting. She said that the parents had to solve the problems amicably, not with violence.

“We are telling parents at home, do not fight in front of children, because it teaches them that you solve problems. We are showing them that problems can be solved and talked about, ”she said.

Boshilo also said that the students who were sharing the video of Lupunao’s attack will be dealt with.

“Those who were happy and taking the video, we are going to suspend them and then they will have to come with their parents and take disciplinary measures.

“When people fight, we should not make them happy, we should bring peace. If you can’t, then run to someone big to warn them.

On Tuesday, community members and pupils at the school called for “Justice for Lufuno”.

The IOL reported on Tuesday that Lufuno was seen being beaten by another Grade 10 pupil, who slapped him repeatedly while other schoolgirls cheered to take a video of the incident.

Meanwhile, on social media, the call for “#JusticeForLufuno” continued on Wednesday.


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