EFF Cautioned They ‘Could Be Barred’ From Contesting The 2021 Elections

EFF Mps/Photo File: Mail & Guardian

It’s election season, which implies it’s additionally comedic season: This week has seen high-profile inter-party defections, and insults have already been exchanged between a few of Mzansi’s strongest political organizations.

However, the EFF is the primary political occasion to be threatened with being barred from working within the 2021 elections. Natasha Mazzone, the DA’s Chief Whip, has given a powerful warning to the Red Berets forward of their rally on Sunday in Johannesburg. Julius Malema and his comrades, based on the senior politician, are prepared to breach the legislation.

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The largest gathering that somebody can maintain at Level 2 is proscribed to 500 individuals and should happen outdoors. If extra supporters present up for the rally this weekend, the EFF will probably be in violation of our current State of Disaster laws, based on Mazzone, and their punishment may very well be extreme.

If the far-left group decides to host greater than 500 individuals, based on the DA stalwart, the far-left group will face “criminal and electoral consequences.” Mazzone even went as far as to say that if the EFF was discovered to be holding an unlawful gathering, they “may be barred from contesting the election.”

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Whatever occurs, it appears like we’d have to get the popcorn in for Sunday. Because this might escalate… “The DA reminds the EFF that any attendance in excess of 500 people outdoors will be illegal. We say specifically to Mr Julius Malema: You cannot hold an illegal rally in this election, and the legal limit is 500 persons. There cannot be one set of rules for all citizens and another for the EFF.”

“Holding illegal events during a campaign period would undermine the freeness and fairness of the election, and would open the door to the EFF being barred from contesting this election. An illegal campaign event, if the EFF exceeds 500 persons on Sunday, would result in criminal and electoral consequences,” mentioned Natasha Mazzone.

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