Hawks confirm investigation into SexWell’s fraud claims – SABC News

Hawks says it is too early to speculate on the names of suspects implicated in allegations of fraud or theft of the so-called Heritage Fund.

Hawks confirmed that ANC veteran Tokyo Sexwale claimed that the money held in the so-called ‘White Spiritual Boy Trust Fund’ was stolen.

He claims that the money was kept in private accounts in the Reserve Bank and illegally transferred to six accounts of commercial banks and individuals.

Hawks spokesman, Katlego Mogale, says “The Directorate of Priorities Crime (DPCI) can confirm that a case of fraud, alternatively theft, was opened with the so-called Heritage Fund as reported by the complainant. In the investigation. It is too early to guess who the role players are and it is not ideal for the DPCI to disclose the names of suspects or persons of interest before making an allegation.

Sexwale held a media briefing on Thursday clarifying their claims that the money held in the White Spiritual Boy Trust Fund was stolen.

The businessman alleges that the fund was meant to help run infrastructure development programs across the continent and the entire Indian Ocean island states.

Below is the full briefing for Tokyo Sexwale:

He told the media that the fund’s objective was to promote the COVID-19 relief grant in South Africa from R350 to R2 700 a month. SexWell also says that the fund is based in Singapore and is owned by a Chinese investor named Chalk Leong.

According to Sexwale, he was joined by Godwin Webb as the joint mandate holder of the fund. The Reserve Bank and the Treasury have denied the claims. They say that the sexvale was scammed.

But, Freedom Front Plus (FF-Plus) leader, Peter Groenwald, says the response by the Treasury and the Reserve Bank is not enough.

The allegation by Tokyo Sexwell about the existence of the Heritage Fund and the fact that that money has been stolen should be viewed critically. According to some newspapers the police have been accused. And Freedom Front Plus wants to see that there is a full investigation. The fact that the Treasury and the Reserve Bank deny the existence of such funds is not enough. We have to get all the facts. And the fact that an accusation has been leveled against Cyril Ramaphosa makes it more serious. And therefore, Ramphausa and a substantial and effective investigation should be done to clear the matter so that the public of South Africa knows what the real facts are.

He says he wrote to Finance Minister Tito Maboni to follow again. TS present copies of the letter. “Who’s Scamming Who?” He asks. He says he wrote again for the presidency as well #sabcnews pic.twitter.com/JJ5rY24sSZ

– Glory Safeco-Musi (@glorysefako) April 22, 2021

The Congress of the People (COPE) says the allegations made by Sexwale are very serious.

COPE spokesman Dennis Blom says, “COPE expects Sexwale to bring criminal charges of corruption and fraud against the Reserve Bank and all the people he mentions in his press conference – former President Zuma, President Ramphousa, Finance Minister Tito Mbeni, Director Treasury General Dondo Mogogen and Reserve Bank Governor Lestja Kgyengo.

If the sex people are not making those allegations, then the Congress people will go to a police station and make allegations of fraud and corruption against these people. We believe that it would be very careless and irresponsible of Sexwell to make serious allegations against these people and not go to the police to investigate this crime. ”

Mogale has confirmed that the case is being investigated.

The allegations came the same year when the Reserve Bank would celebrate its centenary in June.

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