CSA agrees to share sandpit with Nathi Mthethwa’s interim board

By Stuart Hess 4m in the past

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JOHANNEBURG – Cricket South Africa’s performing president, Rihan Richards confirmed on Tuesday that the organisation had appointed the interim board of administrators named two weeks in the past by Sports Minister, Nathi Mthethwa.

The announcement hopefully brings to an finish a protracted interval of, what’s finest described as silliness on the a part of CSA and particularly its provincial presidents – who make up the 14 particular person Members Council – and the manager employees on the federation who, got here in for extreme criticism from the Board’s chairman, retired choose Zak Yacoob.

He accused the manager of, conceitedness, being uncooperative and impolite, and positioned the blame for final week’s choice by the Members Council not to work with the interim board squarely at that government’s toes.

The Members Council met with the interim board on Monday night, holding what the CSA assertion on Tuesday stated was a “frank, honest and constructive engagement.”

“Everyone agreed on the way forward and to collaborate strictly in accordance with the relevant legal framework.”

“The Interim Board regards this as a positive step and looks forward to work together to achieving the desired results,” stated Judith February, one of many impartial administrators, who spoke on behalf of the board.

“In the spirit of the CSA vision, the Members’ Council considers the engagements with the Interim Board on the way forward, a leap in the right direction and anticipates cricket to be the winner as a result,” said Richards.

Mthethwa had mandated the interim Board, which includes former CSA CEO, Haroon Lorgat, to “deal with current governance systems, structures and procedures, including a proper consideration of the Nicholson recommendations; consider the Fundudzi report, its implications and consequences for CSA.

They were asked take any actions recommended in the report itself or actions that the interim Board deems appropriate; review all Board decisions taken since 2019 and to report on those decisions that require the attention of the Members Council and to generally do whatever is necessary and appropriate in order to restore the integrity and reputation of CSA.”



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