Jose Mourinho and I were close, but Paul Pogba said things changed quickly

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Cape Towen – Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba says the reason that the club are getting better results under Ole Gunnar Solskar is because of the better in Norwegian man management, with Jol Mourinho in charge.

After United’s 3–1 win over Tottenham Hotspur last weekend, Mourinho tried to deflect attention from the result and called Soulskazer an evil father that his sons would not be immersed in a match.

“I’m not sure what happened, but I’m sure Mourinho has said something that people will speak.” We got the result we wanted. Ole knows this and we enjoyed it, ”the French World Cup winner said in an interview on Sky Sports.

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“We know Mourinho and we know what he is like. We do not need it. We just focus on us. We win the game and he loses and he doesn’t want to talk about the game, he wants to talk about someone’s father.

“That’s what he does, you know. Everyone knows him. He’s very Mourinho.”

When asked to compare the two managers, Pogba admitted that both Mourinho and Sölskjer wanted to win, but said the current United boss treated his players better.

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“He [Solskjaer] Will not go against players. He will not shore anyone up and they no longer exist.

“Once I had a great relationship with Mourinho and the next day, you don’t know what happened. strange. Even I cannot explain because I do not know, ”Pogba confirmed the rumor, saying that both had fallen during the last months of Portuguese strategy at Old Trafford.

Mourinho faces an uncertain future at Tottenham, who, despite topping the league at one stage, currently find themselves in seventh place, 25 points behind Manchester City leaders.

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