Goldfish can drive fish tank on wheels, Israel study finds

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev discovered {that a} goldfish’s innate navigational skills allowed it to steer a robotic car in direction of a terrestrial goal if given a meals reward.

To conduct their uncommon experiment, the crew positioned a fish tank on a set of motorised wheels.

A digital camera system then recorded the fish’s actions within the water and translated it into navigational instructions – successfully transferring the contraption within the course the place the fish bumped up towards the glass.


In a video launched by the college, the fish can be seen “driving” the car towards a visible goal, a vibrant mark on the wall of the experiment room, seen by the clear sides of the tank.

When the fish steered the car to the mark, it acquired a meals reward.

“After a few days of training, the fish navigated to the target,” the college crew stated in a press launch.

“Moreover, they were able to do so even if they were interrupted in the middle by hitting a wall and they were not fooled by false targets placed by the researchers.”

The peer-reviewed analysis, revealed within the Behavioural Brain Research journal, “hints that navigational ability is universal rather than specific to the environment,” stated Shachar Givon, a PhD scholar on the college’s Life Sciences division who labored on the experiment.

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